This traditional village of Hersonissos is like a dream in the soul and the spirit of visitors. The village Piskopiano is situated between two other, equally beautiful villages: Koutouloufari and Hersonissos. It expands amphitheatrically on the foot of the Charakas Mountain. Its name is related to the establishment of the old diocese of Hersonissos. It is a village, which will astound you with the simplicity of its beauty and with its extraordinary charm and character. The presence of an unclassified architectural style within the region is valuable, since it reflects the views and values of the society that has created it.

It is an example of a microscopic scale, about how the ideal environment for people should be, expressed through the buildings and villages with no artistic or architectural intervention.

The old buildings in the villas will certainly amaze you. Exploring them, the visitor can obtain a lot of knowledge, and get a clear picture about the architecture of that period, as well as of the culture and lifestyle of the older, simple inhabitants of the village.

There are beautiful detached or two-storeyed houses with arched doors and worn doorsills. It is clear than not only artistry, but also nobility have prevailed on the area.

Piskopiano is the meeting-point of the present and the past, as tradition is harmoniously linked to modern times and needs. If you visit that place, feelings of freedom and exhilaration will awake within you. The warm embracement of the openhearted inhabitants will certainly transmit to you beautiful feelings of hospitality and love. Picturesque alleys curved with patience, traditional wells, natural beauties all over the place, as well as the endless view to the Port compose this beautiful village. 

It is the original way of living on the island of the past, which gives birth and nurses modern Crete.

In Piskopiano, you have the opportunity to relish your lunch or dinner in restaurants, buy your presents in souvenir shops and enjoy selection of coffees in the cafes of the village. You can equally visit the Agricultural Museum, a monument of the beautiful tradition of the place kept alive, while the time changes, threatening to eliminate it.

A past world, almost forgotten, revives in the Museum. Here you can admire the old oil-press, the shuttle etc. Moreover, the southern wall of an ancient arched domed church is still standing with considerable, yet faded wall paintings, just behind the church of Panagia, dated from the 19th century.

Admire the beauties of Piskopiano and feel free during your holidays.


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