Colours, light, sea, luxury, quality and hospitality. Limin Hersonissos, that famous resort of Crete of unrivalled beauty could be defined by the above words. That cosmopolitan destination a diamond, lying on the coasts of Cretan sea. Limin Hersonissos is an Eden with thousands of secrets waiting for the visitor to discover; a place blessed by the nature, combining the social life in lush hotels, amazing clubs, modern shops and the escape to clean beaches. The visitors, who have the opportunity to be at the crowded port, cannot possibly make their mind before such a great variety of entertainment or excursion programs offered. The inhabitants themselves, who know how to offer special moments and original experiences to their guests, lend a very special colour to that place. The region of Hersonissos, as established by the remnants of a Minoan town in the West of Hersonissos, has been inhabited already from the Minoan times. Later, it used to be the port of the ancient town Lyttos. During the Roman and first Byzantine period, the place experienced a tremendous bloom, as an important town. This emerges from the significant finds brought to light by excavations. The roman aqueduct, the roman port and the theatre are amongst them.

By reviewing the past, endless memories awake. However, Hersonissos, which is now a developed, contemporary town – longs for the past.

The modern town is built on the western edge of the bay of Malia. It is the administrative center of the new municipality and of several administrative services. The Court of Justice, the Mortgage Register Office, the Cottage Hospital, the Police Station, the Price Control Office, the Port Authorities, the Medical Centre, the Inland Revenue Office, as well as services of the broader public sector, such as the Public Power Corporation, the Greek Telecomm, the Post Office, the Social Security Institution and the Banks are at the port. Nowadays, the port is considered one of the most impressive, romantic destinations of the Aegean for the foreign visitors. Here, the blue of the sea and the sky is absolutely harmonized with the white of houses and modern hotel complexes, spreading along the two opposing, leeward coves. The view of the town from the neighbouring, elevation fascinates, due to sunbathed landscape with the play of light and shadows during daytime, or due to the night lights. The hustle and bustle in the area is incredible, as if that town never sleeps; it is the meeting point for hundreds of visitors expecting to spend their holidays in this beautiful town and experience real entertainment!! Big and small hotels, as well as other hospitable accommodations spread all over the town, waiting to welcome their guests.

Numerous shops offer quality products, satisfying every wish. The tasteful commercial and luxury tourist shops, will give you a chance to buy quality decorative items, souvenirs or clothes at favourable prices. In the restaurants and taverns, the visitor has the opportunity to try the famous Greek delicacies and all the authentic, local tastes, as well as international cuisine. One could equally enjoy refreshing drinks, coffee, spirits or cocktails in the cafeterias and order Greek coffee in the traditional cafes.

For all those, who wish to feel the intensity and the rhythm of such a lively place away from pestiferous thoughts of the daily routine, night clubs offer that possibility. Hersonissos belongs to people who love action, motion and life. Besides, there is great activity in Hersonissos, related to the organization of cultural events such as exhibitions of popular art and traditional celebrations. During the Easter celebration, some old customs are still preserved until nowadays, including the burning of Judas’s effigy in the night of Holly Saturday and the festivities that take place of Kastri, a northern suburb of the town.

The Museum of Local Tradition, Lychnostatis, is a center of various important events. It is a real repository of historical facts, as it preserves the old traditional way of life on the island.

Limin Hersonissos, a town that always stays young and alive.

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