Analipsis Village in Hersonissos Municipal Section

For the traditional heritage of our ancestors, the area of Analipsi has known a rapid tourist development. If one goes back to the past of this area, he finds out that it had nothing in common with the fabulous place extending before the visitor’s eyes. Until the ‘80s, Analipsi was just fields and plains with a few, scattered houses kept by the inhabitants of Lassithi.

It was then that tourist growth started in the area. Hotel complexes, new houses and apartments for rent made slowly their appearance, next to small cottage houses. This astonishing phenomenon of landscape transformation has continued during the ‘90s until today.

The greatest advantage of the area is its coastal zone, which is upgraded with the construction of the beach road leading to its breathtaking beaches; most of them have been awarded with the ‘Blue Flag of Europe’.

The haven of Analipsi with its sandy coast is distinguished for its clear water and for its beautiful, well-organized beach.

If you wish to go sightseeing in the village, you should not miss its church dated back to 1890. Nowadays, the church has been fashioned and a new wing has been built to it. Nevertheless, there are many old, exquisite icons exhibited here. 

Nowadays, there are many new hotels, as well as apartments to let in Analipsi, where one can stay for his holidays. The number of beds available in the area counts to 4500!! There is no doubt that Analipsi is a considerable point of reference and a very promising tourist destination.

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