Shopping could be the eighth art, as appropriate shopping promotes the aesthetic upgrade of our image and there is more to it. It also contributes to the uplift of our moral, transforming us into rejuvenated searchers of beauty.

Shopping and holidays are two concepts perfectly combined with each other.

Almost everyone waits for the moment to be in anew place with new trends and spend as much as he can, during purchases for himself or his beloved ones.

The great dilemma for the visitors in Hersonissos is what they should buy or not buy, among this incredible plethora of goods. This is obvious, since Hersonissos is an Eden of shopping.

There are shopping centers offering a wide range of shops and goods just at hand! A different market, specially tailored to meet your needs and wishes waits for you, offering quality products that will impress you. However, the challenge is certainly greater for the female sex, which it is prone to spending-spree by...nature!

The market in Hersonissos can satisfy every wish and every taste. Visit the traditional shops of popular art; buy your souvenirs suggested to you, such as hand-made textiles or embroidery, impressive ceramics representing archeological finds, and all kinds of decorative objects.

You could equally purchase traditional Cretan products sold as souvenirs. Olive oil, wine, raki, products of biological culture, olives, therapeutic herbs, all in impressive packages, are the first preference for our guests.

Enter the souvenir markets. There, you will have the opportunity to buy small or more expensive presents for your friends and relatives, like statuettes, all sorts of decorative objects, photography items, bijous, silver articles, perfumes and all kinds of accessories. The fancy shop windows will attract you, each in its way.

Do not forget to make all the necessary purchases before you go to the beach. Beautiful swimming-suits, beach towels, sun-protective creams, and beach accessories for an impressive appearance.

As for your daily strolls or nights out, there are clothes for any occasion. Smart, light, sport or casual clothing articles are at your disposal. You will be amazed of the styling suggestions.

Choose vivid colors, dare to adopt new looks and style during your holiday. The countless shops will meet any requirement, even of the most demanding customer.

Make a stop at the exquisite jewelry shops to buy gold or silver jewels, or just ask them to design and make the jewel of your wish! As for the prices, you will discover that they are rational.

Keep in mind that our times are times of oppositions and impressions. Impress with your style and jewels and fill your suitcase with souvenirs, which will certainly remind you of this dreamy destination of Crete.

All the commercial and tourist shops in Hersonissos are made with good-taste and luxury. Shop owners and assistants are all friendly, since hospitality is honored in this place. They are willing to render their best services and make their own recommendations for cheap or expensive purchases of clothes, souvenirs or decorative articles.

Feel the excitement of shopping in Limin Hersonissos. A little explorative wander will help you to find what you wish, from early in the morning till late in the evening.




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