Museum of rural life at Piskopiano

The Museum of Rural life at Piskopiano opened in 1988. This new museum is located at the traditional village of Piskopiano, 3kms to the south of the port of Hersonissos. It is housed in the village’s old olive-oil mill (named ‘fabrika’ by the locals), which was constructed in the mid 19th century.

The restoration of the building and the addition of the museum extension were funded and supervised by the Society of Cretan and Historical Studies (EKIM).

The visitor can gain an understanding of daily life and occupations of the Cretan farmer before the introduction of modern technology. The exhibits are grouped according to themes: The cooper’s workshop – The olive-oil press – The carpenter’s workshop – The blacksmith’s workshop – The daily household chores, tasks.

Many of the wooden and metal tools on display are no longer in use and have become valuable collectors’ items.

These items capture the toil and the character of rural life before the advent of the modern life style. The museum collections are supplemented by exhibition of photographs on the upper floor.

This museum is well worth a visit.
Visiting hours:
09:00 – 14:00 daily.

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