‘Invention of a new dish brings more happiness to humanity than discovery of a new star’, as stated by the famous French gastronomist Brillian Savanir.

If you are not an expert in the domain of gastronomy, you will certainly hesitate to ask for an invention of a new, palatable recipe.

Restaurants in Hersonissos challenge you to discover their wide range of tastes. Whether traditional or exotic, quick or formal, your meals will certainly be a delight!

The romantic atmosphere of a traditional place or the tasteful atmosphere of a modern one, good taste combined with the sweetness of summer and the plethora of tastes awaken your senses.

Hersonissos could justifiably be characterized as crossroad of tastes, as all kinds of cuisine here are harmoniously combined with each other: traditional, international, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Dutch, etc. give their own concert of tastes.

Chefs and specially trained, experienced personnel – initiated in all secrets of gastronomy – combined with high quality service, offer the best to the lovers of good taste.

As for their creations, they may be personal or classic, imaginative or sophisticated. Great varieties of perfectly prepared dishes are offered, making the restaurants into oases of gastronomic delight.

Traditional Cretan cuisine is the first preference of all chefs, because it is famous as the healthiest worldwide. Simple tastes and pure ingredients are combined to offer their beneficial properties. A great variety of dishes, fresh vegetables and salads, fresh fish, sweet-scented bread, wines of an exquisite bouquet, all those products of the Cretan soil, challenge you for a new, palatable experience. Besides, all the international hygiene regulations are kept here.

Tasty moussakas, crunchy hard bread –roll, juicy olives, Greek salad, stuffed wine leaves (dolmadakia), delightful seafood, everything here makes an appetite for the hungry traveler. All those, accompanied by the friendly smile of people, express the famous Cretan hospitality. As for the Greek ‘souvlaki with tzatziki’ (pork on the spit with yogurt dressing), no introduction is necessary, since it is famous all over the world.

Gastronomy is a matter of preference. Whether your choice is a traditional tavern-ouzeri on the beach, or one of the modern fast food –pizza restaurants in the town center, this has to do with your appetite or your pocket. Do not forget that you are in the country of tastes. For those who prefer to explore any possibility before choosing the best, they should not omit suggestions for a quick, yet equally delightful meal. Speed does not necessarily mean bad quality. Do not forget the night is long in Hersonissos...

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