Night Life

Entertainment is the key word for all ages, all tastes, for every day and every hour at the port of Hersonissos. Rhythm and liveliness are ambient everywhere. All sorts of sounds and rhythm alternate here: jazz, rock, Latin, modern and traditional sounds. Rhythm is the live cell, pulsating when the sun goes down and the night-lights are on…

This other aspect of the port fascinates and lures everyone into the rhythms of the night kingdom. Body and soul seek for their rhythm, for alertness and entertainment. Why not be on the loose? You are on holiday, after all. In this town, spending the whole night out is a natural consequence. From the one edge to the other, the port pulsates with life and fun. Everyone looks for fun in his own way. Anything you wish lies before you. You are certainly at the right place.

You need no search very much. On the onshore or on the central road of Hersonissos, as well as on every corner of this lively area, there is magic. Neon lights welcome guests of all ages, promising a unique night of entertainment. Just enter one of those countless night-clubs, choose the music and the kind of entertainment. Even if it sounds unfamiliar, do not hesitate to discover and explore those sounds. You may leave one of the traditional Cretan dancing clubs, knowing how to dance the ‘Pentozali’!

However, if you insist on international rhythms, it will be hard to decide which club you should enter, as there are tenths of them in Hersonissos. Diffuse modern rhythms invite you. Be free and let your body dance.

During your strolls in the picturesque alleys, you will certainly come across nightclubs with live Greek music and places that will impress you, due to their exquisite decoration and unique style. Friendly professionals are ready to make sure that your nights in Hersonissos will be unforgettable. ‘Quality services’ are their principle. Their inventiveness in making all sorts of cocktails will amaze you. After all, you are in Hersonissos, Crete, which is the heart of clubbing! Endless places and music choices invite you to new experiences! High spirits, laser beams, exquisite drinks and friendly people make your night glamorous.

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