Gouverneto Monastery

The actual Monastery complex was built from 1537 till 1548. According to tradition, it was connected with miraculous St John the Hermit, and was used for the housing of the Saint' s pilgrims.

The monastery flourishes during the 16th century, but is partly destroyed in 1765 and during the revolution of 1821. After the liberation, it flourishes one more time, because of its large property in flocks.

The monastery is a typical example of the orthodox monastic architecture. It is formed of a rectangular precinct, with the Katholicon in the middle. The Katholicon is a triconch church with cupola and annexes with pyramidal cupolas ending up in obelisks. There are also the refectory the kitchens, the storehouses, the oven, the wine cellar, the oil store house and the cells.

Telephone: (+30)2821063319
Address: Î‘krotiri
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