The monastery of Kera Eleousa

The monastery of Kera Eleoussa is located next to the village Voritsio and belongs to the Monastery of Agkarathos.  The monastery is built on a hill at three different levels, because of the slope.

It is a Venetian monastery with fortress architecture, with its embrasures having survived. The main gate with its triangular pediment leads to a small courtyard where you meet the stable and the pantry. From there, a staircase leads to the central courtyard, surrounded by the monks' cells, an olive oil mill and the wine press. There is also a second gate on the south side, leading to the village Charaso.

The main church of the monastery was built on an older temple, as proved by a stone pillar in the courtyard. Inside the church there are two tombs of monks and another at the entrance of the temple. At the entrance of the church there was a marble reservoir, part of which is exposed today in the museum of St. Catherine (in Heraklion).


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