When you begin the tour in your car from Ierapeta, Mirtos or Kalo Horio, you arrive at the village Malles. This is the largest village in the area, built on the southern foot of Dikti mountain (2148), at the site of ancient Malla. As you drive from Mythi, a little before the village, you follow the dirt road on the left in the western direction to Methokotsana. For its greater part, the landscape is abounding with pine trees. However, there are vineyards and orchards as well. During your itinerary, you come across stone built farming and cattle-breeding facilities, which lose the harmonious connection with nature at some points, due to the intervention of modern cement buildings in the landscape. If you follow the right course at the right junction (which comes from the village Christos), at a short distance, you will come across a traditional cafe and tavern that will meet your needs. From here onwards, you follow the well defined marked path a little to the west and south to Neraidomagoula, gradually turning eastways to Metaxochori, through a well preserved part of Selakanos Forest. The path presents some problems at the points where it meets forest routes and at the stream to Metaxochori. This means that more attention must be paid for the marks so that you do not get lost. At a short distance from Metaxochori lies Christos with its traditional cafe. Before you return to Malles, you come across a traditional tavern next to cooli flowing waters at the Location Aghia Paraskevi that abounds in plane trees. In Malles, there are remarkable religious monuments such as Panagia Mesochoritisa, Michael Archangelos (the Archangel Michael), and Aghios (Saint) Charalampos.

Route Difficulty: Very Easy


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