Mesa Potamoi-Krustalenia-Tzermiadon

Leaving the coast behind you, you can cross through the Basin of Lakonia and drive up along the local road which passes through the villages of Amigdali, Zenia and hidden in the greenery, the villages of Mesa and Exo Potami.

On your left, the mass of Tsivi (1664m) rises before you and lower down at the foot of the mountain, the glen of Andriani, near the village of the same name, can be seen. The road continues to ascend and after reaching a height of 1300m you can see to the southwest the famous Plateau of Lassithi

Its villages, the monasteries of Kristalenia and Vidiani, the venerated caves of Dikteon Andron and Trapeza, the pre-Minoan village of Karfi and the slope of Ambelos with its many windmills, the plateaus of Nisimo and Limnakaro, the historical and folklore museum in the village of Aghios Georgios all form a part of this interesting and largest plateau of Crete. You are advised to follow this route in a right-handed direction (through Kristalenia-Tzermiado) in order to complete this round trip. 

Returning to Aghios Nikolaos from where you started, you will be enriched with memories and images from the mountains of Crete, which are indeed unique. The untouched physical environment, the flora and fauna, the cultural impress, the traditional daily way of life and the patterns of cultivation create scenes in your mind that are framed with every step you take.

Route Difficulty: Easy
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