Kroustallenia-Sgouros Prinos-Aveliako

After a short visit at Kroustallenia Monastery through the village Aghios Konstantinos, you leave the asphalted road and you take the rural road that leads you to the little church of Aghia Pelagia, next to the water reservoir. You go up the ancient serpentine path to arrive to the highest point, where you can enjoy the bird's eye view to Lasithi plateau to the west. To the east, the continuation of the path that leads to Timios Stavros is traced on the hillside. Next to the snow white little church, from above, you can see the gorge of Havgas with its white bed, which spreads like a deep scar to the northwest. To the east, it is bordered by vertical precipices, which end up in the dead end of Neraidokolympos. We are on the western side of Katharo plateau; to the right, the highest peaks of Dikti mountain rise (Spathi 2148 m and Lazaros, 2085 m) and gradually lower to the east. The road on the southern side leads to Sgouros Prinos, where you can have a soft drink or a coffee at the local cafe, together with the local farmers and cattle breeders. From here, you walk on the left over a small bridge amidst orchards and vineyards to end up in Aveliakos. There are taverns for your meals in the village, however, it is here that the asphalted road from Kritsa ends (16 km). If you retrace your steps for a while, on your way westwards you will come across the church of Panagia Koprakiani. Right after that, at a short distance, the path turns right (to the north, in the direction of Kadi Lakkos. If you follow those trails, you arrive at Mesa Lassithaki), to Mesa Lasithi and to Kroustallenia Monastery, from where you started.

Route Difficulty: Very Easy
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