Limnes-Fourni-Agios Ioannis

Traveling less than 15 kilometers by car from Aghios Nikolaos, you arrive at the village of Limnes where your walking route starts from a particularly beautiful area. Next to the national road on the right at the rocky base of the hill, a beautiful flagstoned path is revealed.

Here,you walk through an environment filled with the fragrances of sage and oregano that sprout from the tiny crevices in the rocks. Strive to catch your breath at the time in which the rays of the sun fall on top of the hill of Maha warming the well-watered village of Limnes. By the grace of God you stand gently at the top.

Driros is to the west and Fourni to the center and east, the latter is a place that has carefully preserved its traditional architecture and where educational and cultural quality is evident. It is worthwhile to stroll around its winding little roads that widen out around its historical Byzantine churches that are of prototypical design. It is worth the effort to visit The Cultural Museum and the old Bishop’s house, and to make contact with the local village people. 

Head south from Fourni through the flagstone path that is bordered by stone walls along its entire length to Aghios Ioannis (Lousesto). From the highest point of the hill, the distinctive hills of the region of Aghia Pelagia are revealed to the south. The few inhabitants of Aghios Ioannis are awaiting your company to share a coffee and a chat. Lower down, concealed in the deepest part of the valley is Aghia Pelagia, always ready to offer you raki with its obligatory "mesedes" from the traditional coffee shops. 

Your trip continues westward, leaving behind the church of Aghios Loukas on your left, the two windmills situated each on top of a hill and the church of Aghios Ioannis with its icon-covered walls which is located on the right just before the village of Limnes. The wall painting of Saint John and some of the others are of exceptional aesthetic value. The asphalt road parallels the national road and goes under a small bridge that leads you to lunch at the picturesque streets of Limnes with its traditional way of life. Returning back along the morning route, you arrive at Aghios Nikolaos.

Route Difficulty: Easy
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