Rethymno - Atsipopoulp - Agios Andreas - Ano Valsamonero - Monopari - Roustika - Agios Konstantinos - Argyroupoli - Episkopi

With Rethymnon as a starting point, we head westwards following the old national road to Chania. At the 6th kilometre, we come across the scenic village Atsipopoulo, where we may marvel its exquisite Venetian houses After we drive past the villages Prines and Gonia, we arrive at the village Aghios Andreas (Saint Andrew), where we make a detour to the left and after 3 kilometres we find ourselves to the village Ano Valsamonero, outside which lies the fortress Monopari (Bonipario), erected by Pescatore on the steep elevation of Kastellos. We return to Aghios Andreas and we continue our course southwards. After 2 kilometres we arrive at the detour that leads us to Roustika after 5 kilometres, which lies 21 kilometres away from Rethymnon. Here, we must visit the Monastery of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah) as well as the exquisite two-aisled church dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin Mary and the Transfiguration of our Saviour, with its wonderful wall paintings. We leave Roustika and we head for Aghios Konstantinos with its exquisite Venetian houses, since the place used to be a resort for the Venetian rulers. After we drive through several smaller villages, we arrive at Argyroupoli with its many springs of crystal clear water and the vestiges of the ancient city of Lappa. Seven kilometres south of Argyroupoli, there is the village Myriokefala, where we should not miss a visit to the Monastery of Theotokos, dedicated to the "Mother of God", which dates back to the 10th century. We return to Argyroupoli and we drive to the north. After 5 kilometres we arrive at the village Episkopi, the capital of the newly established Municipality of Lappeon. From there, we continue our way to the north, we arrive at the new national road Rethymnon -

Route Difficulty: Easy
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