Rethymno - Armeni Foteinou- Miksorrouma - Lampini - Spili - Kissou Kampos - Akoumia - Melambes - Agia Galini

We begin our course from Rethymnon by following the main provincial road artery that cuts across the prefecture from the North to the South. The first village that we come across is Armeni, at a distance of 10 kilometres. One kilometre before Armeni, if we follow the detour we may visit the famous late Minoan cemetery of Armeni. Right after the village Armeni, we may follow a detour 5 kilometres on the right to the village Fotinou and admire its wonderful Venetian fountain, dating back to the 17th century. We drive back to the central road and we continue southwards. At the 20th kilometre of the itinerary, on the right there is a junction to Aghios Vassilios. If we follow it, we will reach the southern coasts through the gorge of Kotsifou. Two kilometres farther, there is another junction to Koxare, which also leads to the southern beaches of Plakias, as well as to the Monastery of Preveli through the famous Kourtaliotiko gorge. If we continue our course, at the 26th kilometre we arrive at the village Mixorouma, where the traditional art of basket weaving is still practiced. The detour to the east of Mixorouma leads to the village Lampini, where we may visit the Byzantine church of Panaghia (Virgin Mary). After 4 kilometres, we come across the village Spili, which is the capital of the Municipality of Lampi. Its crystalline waters spring from the fountains of the central square. We leave Spili behind us and we follow the main road. The detour that exists at the 35th kilometre to the village Kissou Kampos leads to a series of villages such as Adraktos, Drimiskos and Kerame, and especially to the wonderful beach of Ligres. At the 39th kilometre lies the village Akoumia with the magnificent church of Sotiros (Jesus Christ our Saviour) with its wall paintings and if we turn right, we approach the famous beaches Akoumiani Gialia and Triopetra through the village. At the 45th kilometre, there is the village Kria Vrissi and right after that, the junction to Aghios Pavlos and Melampes. Either through that detour or through the main road, after a course of 54 kilometres we arrive at the seaside resort of Aghia Galini.

Route Difficulty: Very Easy
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