Rethymno - Old National Road - Prases -Potamoi -Patsos - Apostoli - Syvritos - Asomaton Monastery - Monastiraki - Meronas -Gerakari - Spili - Rethymno

From the centre of Rethymnon, at the 3rd Kilometre of the old national road Rethymnon - Heraklion, we arrive at the area of Misiria and from there, we follow the junction to Amari, At the 12th kilometre, we come across the village Prases and after 10 kilometres, the village Potami, where the works for the big dam are in progress. From Potamous, we can deviate from our course for a while and follow the detour to Voliones. If we continue the detour after the 10th kilometre we arrive at the village Patsos where Kraneo Andro or Saint Antonius Cave on the left (in the gorge of Patsos) is definitely worth a visit. We return to Potami and we continue on the road, where we had stopped. After 8 kilometres, we arrive at the amphitheatrically built village Apostoli, where we should not miss the church of Saint Nikolaus with its wall paintings (14th century). If we drive for another kilometre, we arrive at the village Aghia Fotini and from there, after a small detour of 1 kilometre on the left, at the village Thronos, where ancient Syvritos used to lie, with its panoramic view to the valley of Amari and the wonderful church of Panaghia (Virgin Mary) with its wall paintings, built in the 14th century. We leave the village Thronos and we head for the village Moni Asomatom, where there used to be a majestic Monastery that flourished in the 17th century. Since 1930, it was converted into a School of Agriculture. Outside the village, there is the Church of Aghia (Santa) Paraskevi, where we are lead through a dirt road. From Moni Asomaton, we head for Monastiraki and then to the west. After 7 kilometres, we arrive at the village Meronas with its lush vegetation and splendid view. There, we may marvel the vestiges of Venetian houses, as well as the Byzantine Church of Panaghia (Virgin Mary). The village Gerakari lies 5 kilometres away from Meronas. The village is famous for its production of cherries. Actually, the village is vegetated with cherry trees and at the season of their blossom, the spectacle is magical. If we follow the course Gerakari - Spili, we can easily access the main provincial road that connects the North to the South of Rethymnon. A stop at the village Spili with its gurgling springs is a must. The distance to Rethymno is 30 kilometres.

Route Difficulty: Easy
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