Rethymno - Platanias - Adele - Amnatos -Archadi - Eleftherna - Ancient Eleftherna - Margarites - Hania Alexandrou - Rethymno

At the 5th kilometre of the old national road Rethymnon - Heraklion lies the village Platanias, where we turn at the junction to Arcadi. At the 8th kilometre, we arrive at the village Adele, the home-town of the hero of the Arcadian holocaust, Kostis Giamboudakis. Nowadays, Adele is the administrative centre of the Municipality of Arcadi. 1 kilometre farther lies the village Pigi, out of which there is a junction to the right leading to the village Aghios Dimitrios (Saint Demetrius), where the Byzantine church bearing the same name also lies. After that small detour, if we continue on the road to Arcadi, at the 18th kliometre we arrive at the village Amnatos, the birthplace of the heroine of Arcadi, Charekleia Daskalaki, with the magnificent view, the Venetian houses and the unique side frame. Exactly outside the village Amnatos there is a detour to the settlement Kapsaliana, which is worth visiting. It is about the entire traditional recently restored settlement, where the oil-press of the Monastery of Arcadi used to lie. In the near future the Olive Museum will be inaugurated in the area. If we return to the direction of Arcadi, at the 22nd kilometre of our course we arrive at the historic Monastery of Arcadi. Afterwards, we take the road to Eleptherna, where we arrive after 7 kilometres, right after Ancient Eleptherna. 6 kilometres after Ancient Eleptherna, lies the village Margarites, where the traditional art of pottery flourishes. Besides the panoramic view the village has to offer, we may marvel the Venetian houses with the beautiful casements, the Byzantine churches of Saint John the Theologian (14th century, wall paintings), of Saint George (14th century), as well as the bust of the protagonist of the Arcadian drama, hegumen (abbot) Gabriel Marinakis who came from the village. From the village Margarites, we can return to Rethymnon through the village Alexandrou Hani.

Route Difficulty: Easy
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