Rethymno new national road - Panormo - Bali

From the town centre we look for an exit to the national road (either from the junction of Arsipopoulo to the west of the town or from Mysiria, 3 kilometers to the east and we head for Heraklion. At the 9th kilometre of the new national road Rethymnon - Heraklion, along the coast of the region Adelianos Kampos most hotel complexes of the area have been developped. At the 21st kilometre, we arrive at the junction of Panormo and if we turn right, we enter the seaside village with the vestiges of the marvellous timber-roofed Early Christian church of Santa Sophia and at the nice cove, which is ideal for a swim. In the antiquity, Panormo used to be the harbour of the ancient town of Eleptherna. If we take the national road to the east, at the 34th kilometre we arrive at the coastal settlement of Bali, with its wonderful, clean beaches and the modern tourist infrastructure. In the same area, 1 kilometre before the junction to Bali, we can turn right and pay a visit to the exquisite, restored Monastery of Atali.

Route Difficulty: Easy
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