Gorge of Polyrrenia

The route we are describing begings in the village Sirikari, where we have arrived through Kalathenes.

There is no drinkable water. Two kilometers before Serikari, on the right side of the road, there is a very large church. From there the downhill path begins, at first with large inclination. In 30 minutes we reach the bed of the river. Walking parallel to the river bed is easy and at many points you walk under plane trees. 

Almost in the half of the route we follow for 200 m. the bypass that rises from the river bed because from there our route is easier. Then « we fall again in» the river bed, pass the resting area with the wooden benches and continue towards the small stone bridge, which we reach after having walked for 2,5 hours from the starting point. 

After the bridge we go to the road and after 1200 meters of very uphill ground we arrive at the square of Polyrrenia (the road is asphalt-paved).
(Text: Stavros Mbadogiannis)

Route Difficulty: Easy
Route Duration: 3 Hours
Visit Period : All Year
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