Svourikti - Holiopoulos

The next mountain lodge is the most recent and the higher in the Cretan mountains. It lies a bit lower than the peak Svourichti, at an altitude of 2.080 metres, in the heart of White Mountains (Lefka Ori). It was built in 1994 of stone and wood by the master - builder Christos Chouliopoulos, who was the chairman of the Club. As a token of appreciation for his work, the lodge took his name. It is worth mentioning that a great bulk of the building materials have been transported to the site by helicopter. From Kallergis lodge it takes 6-7 hours to get there, whereas from the area of Rousies, at the end of the dirt road from Anopolis it takes 3 hours. The lodge accommodates 20 persons.

Capacity: 20
Route Difficulty: Very Easy
Route Duration: 3 Hours
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