Gorge of Mesonas

The length of Mesonas gorge is 4 kilometres and ends up in the village Keratokampos of the Muncipality of Viannos. It requires a good physical condition, yet the course is fantastic, since you cross the most impressive part of Sitia mountains. At the eastern edge of Kavousi, we take the road that leads to the archaeological excavations. More specifically, it begins a little after the chapel of Aghia Kyriaki and at that site, we see a big plane that collects water from the foot of Mountain Dikti. We walk past a small church and in a a few minutes we arrive at a small col and at the exact point where the road begins its sloping course on your right, you see another small cement road that goes up the mountain. We follow that road and we continue our course for about 200 metres. Right after that, on our right, we will see an open cement water pipe. We leave the road, we approach the water pipe and then we start walking to the east, next to the water pipe. At the beginning the path is hardly discernible, but we simply try to walk along the pipe. 100 metres further the path begins to show clearly, always next to the water pipe. Right after that, we start walking into the amazing gorge of Kavousi, where the path will take up to its top, after an ascending course. The gorge begins very smoothly with ropes and more walking. The whole gorge is easy to cross, except for its last part where its form changes and we enter a very narrow passageway with vertical walls. This gorge does not collect so much water. On the contrary, there is no waterflow in the end or,sometimes, in the end of the spring. It is ideal for canyoning, which is the crossing of a very narrow gorge, following its bed, rappel using ropes, as well as bathing in its waters. If you cross it in the spring, there is water flowing through the pipe and you can cool off with its cold water. The path climbs up the precipitous slopes of the high rocks offering a splendid view to the forge, to the surrounding mountains, as well as to the bay of Aghios Nikolaos. The crossing of this gorge takes about an hour.


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