Aromatic plants and Herbs

Aromatic plants are very important in Crete. This amazing herbs of Crete (dittany is one of them) grow in the steep mountains of the island and are collected by experienced collectors, to be dried naturally and then packed in modern packing plants, with no chemical or other processing.

Botanical studies reveal that the island has one of the richest and most interesting ecosystems of Europe, with a large number of endemic plants, that is, plants that grow only in Crete, like "malotira" or mountain tea (siderites syrioca) and dittany (origanum diktamus L.) the "king" of the endemic flora of Crete known since the antiquity for its antiseptic properties.

In particular, Hippokrates recommended dittany as a"delivery herb" that means a herb that made women give birth painlessly and fast. The Cretan collectors of aromatic plants bring a large number of herbs to the market, such as the oregano (origanum onites), the basil (ocimum basilicum L.), the lime-tree (tilia cordata mill.), the marjoran (origanum majorana), the thyme (thymus sibthorpii benth.), the mint (mentha), the rosemarine (rosmarinus officinalis), the laurel (laurus nobilis L.), the chamomile (matricaria chamomilla L.), thesage (salvia officinalis) and more. 

All of them have been used from the antiquity to the present day as medicinal plants and there are many ancient texts that mention their extraordinary therapeutic properties.

Today you are spared the hard work of finding the herb in order to enjoy them as teas or spices in the Cretan recipes. Modern packaging plants make sure that the natural aroma and the other incredible properties of the herbs remain intact, including the antioxidant action they have when they are consumed...

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