Cafe Bar

Here, nights and days, the dawn and the dusk have no beginning, no end. There is succession of the two phenomena, alternation of landscape. One relishes the continuous, absolute entertainment and relaxation takes the place of the daily routine.

When you take the onshore or the central road, you will come across all sorts of café-bars. Discover the one of your own taste and relax…There is no doubt that the atmosphere will reward you.

Whether open-air, traditional or modern, all the café-bars of the area are an oasis for your morning wanders, afternoon strolls or nights out. Neat and cozy, they offer their excellent services with good-taste. You can enjoy all kinds of coffee, a great variety of juices, cocktails, beers and spirits, always with the care of the bar tenders, guaranteeing for their quality. Places for selective, young people, and for all other ages, wait for you to enjoy hot or ice-coffee, beers, refreshments or cocktails, with a view to the sea.

The fashionably designed café-bars will impress you. You could also relish your ice cream or pastries there. Do not hesitate to ask the waiters for anything you wish. They are ready to offer you their best services and make their own suggestions for what is best.

If you feel homesick, no problem! There are several specialized café-bars (Dutch, German, etc.) to remind you of your country. In this romantic place, the picturesque bars and cafes offer the best of music, either for you to relax or to get on the loose and dance to the rhythms of your choice.

Just choose a place that impresses you and leave everything else to the experts of entertainment, who know how to make your spirit high.

If you are lucky, you may attend the various happenings organized in the bars and night-clubs. You will realize that Hersonissos is the town of surprises.

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