The God of holidays is always with the side of the majority of visitors, who love nature and enjoy it to the maximum. The sea and the sun are correlated to holidays. Together, they are the ideal mating, the definition of perfection.

For anyone who brings Crete to mind, the association of good climate and magnificent beaches is immediate!! Thousands of songs have been composed about the sea and the coasts, which are a great inspiration for artists, always prevailing on the memory of visitors… From one edge of the island to the other, the visitor comes across beautiful, clean beaches where one can enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

The good climate and the clearness of the waters have always been important reasons, justifying the fact that Limin Hersonissos has been one of the favourite tourist destinations for years. The golden beaches in Limenas are offered for exploration, meeting any requirement and taste. It is very important that Hersonissos offers many organized beaches awarded the Blue Flag of Europe, as well as small ports and coves, for those who prefer secluded places for calmness and relaxation by the seaside.

Most parts of the seashore are fully equipped with beach umbrellas, sun-beds, life guarding platforms, showers, life belts, sport facilities and all kind of services a visitor may wish. If you are a lover of extreme water-sports and games, if you wish to raise your adrenaline to the maximum, then you are in the right place! Try sea-rides with banana riding, Jet Ski, or bikes, take up water-ski or parasailing.

Organize a beach-volley tournament and show off your mastery in rackets!!!

Take a break during the hours that the sun is very hot (13.00 – 16.00) and enjoy refreshing cocktails, ice-coffees, ice creams, or your lunch in the picturesque café-bars by the seashore! In that way, you will not lose contact with the view of the sea and you will certainly swim again, later. For all those who adore the sun, it is strongly recommended to choose a shady place, if they intend to stay in the sun for more than an hour.

You can rent a seabed (1,5 - 2 Euros) and an umbrella (2 Euros). Lie back and relax, without the risk of getting sunburned the next day!! A sun-tanned body is certainly tropical and trendy. However, do not even think of going to the beach without your sun lotion and do not forget to repeat application very often!! Avoid diving shortly after you have finished your meal, and wear hats (to protect yourself against headaches) and sunglasses for the protection of your eyes. On the beaches of Hersonissos, there are always many surprises. Things are getting hotter, when shapely female bodies make their appearance! Women may also feel dizzy, when they see the well-trained, sun-tanned bodies of the lifeguards and beach boys!!! There are many happenings organized to lift your spirit and fill you with energy. The party goes on, on the sandy beaches, any time during the day.

Finally, please make your personal effort to keep our natural environment clean. Try not to litter. Do not leave garbage or tins on the beach. It is for the sake of everyone. It is the only way to experience all this majestic, beautiful, clean beaches.

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