Municipal fountain of Houmeriakos


 The fountain in the central square of the settlement Houmeriakos that is known as the Square of the Fountain or the Square of St George (after the homonymous small church). Northwest of the fountain and at a small distance from it there is a well and a pump-house.

The spring has been created at the northern edge of the square and appears to be "walled-up" on a supporting wall that covers the existing altitude difference of the two levels. So, only its facade is visible. 

The facade of the spring is very carefully constructed. It is built with not coated chiselled stone masonry. Its central part slightly protrudes. In its centre an vault is created with a semicircular arch. The mouths for the outflow of water are hanging on it and are surrounded by carved decoration of plants. Om the base of the "vault" there is a stone chiselled basin. 

At the western edge of the fountain there is a lower mouth and two smaller basins for watering the animals. On the top of the central part two stone carved plates have been walled-up: The fist one depicts St. George and the second has an inscription stating it was built by the Mayor K. N. Mourelakis with the support of the community of Houmeriakos in 1887.

Accessible for people with special needs: Yes
Operation Hours: 08:00-15:00
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