Fountains of Kritsa

The settlement Kritsa of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos is one of the most important semi-mountainous traditional settlements of Crete.

The three community springs that are located there "and the cobbled road " at the position Chaniotera have been characterised as preservable historical monuments because they are representative samples of architectural tradition and they are directly linked with the history of Kritsa and the memories of the inhabitants of the area.

Spring in the area "Koutsounari". It is a stone-built building with simple arched shape.

Spring in the area "Kavvousa". It features a twin blin arched construction.

Spring in the area "Chaniotena". It is used for watering the animals. The building has the typical form of the simple apse-shaped springs of Crete. The last cobbled road that has remained in Kritsa is there and connects the centre of the settlement witht the plain.

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