Holy Monastery of Life-Giving Spring

The Holy Monastery of Partenon or Life-Giving Spring was founded by the Bishop of Kisamos & Selinon Anthimos Leledakis in 1905-1910.

It was renovated between 1962 and 1965, by Bishop Irineos Galanakis.

The Monastery of Parthenon hosted:

  • The Urban School for Girls, in which students in the area of Kastelli were enrolled after their studies in school.
  • The newly established School for the Deaf and Dumb, (which was unique in Crete at the time).
  • Tombs of Bishops. On the right side of the Church of Life-Giving Spring, are the tombs of Bishops Dorotheos Klonaris and Anthimos Leledakis and on the left side are the graves of Chrysostomos Angelidakis and Eudokimos Syngelakis.

Today, 10 nuns live in the monastery, 4 of whom are from Romania. Along with prayer, they are also practicing hagiography and crafts. The Abbess of the monastery is Sister Marcella Damianakis.

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